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Interested in joining our Hive?

Bee+Hive Artist Collective Membership includes [but not limited to]

  • Discounts on featured products + art in the Marketplace 

  • Advance access + discounts on Exclusive HIVE Events

  • Access to Members Only Blogs, the Buzz Board, Members Business Tools 

  • Information on branding & marketing

  • Guides on how to turn your creativity into business ​


Thanks for your submission!

A bee can join another hive, providing it brings nectar or pollen into the hive and is heavily doused with pheromones, which is the unique chemical signature from the original or interrelated hive. If the guard bees from the new colony recognize this signature, it may be allowed to enter.

*disclaimer: All submissions are subject to approval. Admission is based on a collective of artist peers and entrepreneurs within the Hive. For serious artists, only.

BEE+HIVE Artist Collective is currently hosted as a private group who's sole purpose is to elevate artists from starving to THRIVING. 

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