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Bali Artist Cooperative

Bee+Hive Artist Collective  in collaboration with Sharon Rene Photography and Wayan Sutaa to connect the artists in Bali, Indonesia to deliver directly to you. We have curated a collection of pieces that we think will not only bring handmade Balinese art to your home, but in turn you will be supporting an incredible cooperative of artists.

*Do not hesitate to reach out with any inquiries

Wayan Sutaa


Bali Travel

Book an adventure for August 2022 to Bali with Wayan Sutaa as your guide and Sharon Rene Photography along to capture this trip of a lifetime creating unique books & digital galleries to share with friends and family.


Book this unique & memorable travel package, today!

*dates available for  2023

Sharon Rene Photography

Wayan Sutaa

Instagram: @wayansutaa

ph: +6 281 658 2597

WhatsApp: +6 281 658 2597 16841

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