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Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Jené Stephaniuk

Does it cost anything to join BHAC?

No. There is no cost to our artist to join BHAC. We do have a co-branding contract with a detailed list of criteria required to join. 

what will BHAC DO FOR YOU?

BHAC provides an artist community to facilitate collaborations. And. we provide our artists with business, branding, marketing and financial tools. 

who can sponsor BHAC?

Anyone! If you're an art enthusiast or an already successful artist, we would appreciate the support and involvement in our community.

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Who can join BHAC?

Artists who submit are subject to approval. Sponsorship offers discounts and will help build BHAC into the unique brand of hive-minded artists we are sure to bee. 

Image by Jonathan Borba

What is Bee+Hive Artist Collective's mission statement?

Bee+Hive Artist Collective's mission statement is to provide a platform for artists of all disciplines to share their unique creative visions and to foster an environment of collaboration and mutual growth. They strive to create an open and inclusive space for emerging and established artists to come together and create meaningful connections and meaningful work. They value diversity in all forms and celebrate the creativity and talents of their collective members.

What is Bee+Hive Artist Collective?

Bee+Hive Artist Collective is a community of creatives dedicated to fostering the growth of individual artists. They provide a platform for creative expression, collaboration, and professional development through workshops, events, and other opportunities. Their mission is to empower artists to become self-sufficient, confident in their work, and to build meaningful connections with their peers.

What are the goals and objectives of Bee+Hive Artist Collective?

Bee+Hive Artist Collective aims to provide an inclusive, collaborative, and supportive environment for artists to create meaningful art. They foster creativity and collaboration, support local artists, encourage upcoming artists, build relationships with other collectives, and aim to have a strong online presence.

What resources and opportunities does BHAC provide  local artists?

Bee+Hive Artist Collective provides resources and opportunities for local artists to showcase their work, including workshops, seminars, and other events. They also provide mentorship and guidance for upcoming artists to help them develop their skills and build their confidence.

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